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Welcome to the Jarvik website

and the world of Gabrielle Jarvik Stockmann and Erik Sturkell.

We are both geologists, but Erik has over the years evolved into a geophysicist. Our entire careers have so far been dedicated to science in various ways. The main focus has been on the Arctic, and geology and geophysical projects in Greenland, Iceland and Sweden. We have lived and worked in those three countries, in addition to France and the US, and we are currently located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

On the private side we enjoy very much the good company of friends and family, and nice dinners. Erik loves cooking! Gabrielle has a life-long love for working dogs and has had a 22-year long career as sled dog driver with Siberian Huskies. She has now settled with two Smooth Collies (Lassies with short hair).

With this website the aim is to keep family and friends up to date with our activities. We hope others will find it interesting to read, too. We have a News blog, where we list all our activities, both private and science-related news. See top menu for all topics, and feel free to use our photos as long as you don’t sell them for profit and remember to add us as the source.

We hope you will enjoy this website!
Gabrielle and Erik
August 2020