1 year anniversary of new home
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1 year anniversary of new home

Today marks the one-year anniversary of moving into our new home on Skjutbanegatan in Landala Egnahem, Gothenburg. We are still more than happy with this home and grateful every morning to wake up in this cozy wooden house. It has a very charming atmosphere and sets the perfect frame for nice dinners and other social visits. Our friends, Lena and Calle and their two Briard herding dogs came for dinner and stayed the night. We were relieved to see that our younger Smooth Collie, Deli started playing with Nizze and Madicken, the two Briards. She has been very quiet since the death of our older dog, Glitnir two weeks ago. We look very much forward to welcoming a new Smooth Collie pup into our home!

Photo: Gabrielle. Breakfast for humans and dogs on 16 April 2022.
Photo: Gabrielle. Madicken, Deli and Nizze enjoying the nice Easter weather.
Photo: Gabrielle. Erik playing with Madicken and Deli.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Lena Lundqvist and Gabrielle.
Photo: Gabrielle. Lena, Calle, Erik and all thee dogs in one photo.
Photo: Gabrielle. Beautiful spring day.
Photo: Gabrielle. Even the flowers support Ukraine!
Photo: Gabrielle. The goal on this day was to have all paintings up and hanging and all boxes emptied. We almost made it. Here are the three paintings by Marijo Murillo of the Icelandic sculpture ‘Sólfarið’ in Reykjavík.
Photo: Gabrielle. The house was completely renovated when we bought it a year ago. The only thing that needed fixing was this roof window in the bathroom.
Photo: Gabrielle. Champagne in the garden to celebrate the anniversary.
Photo: Selfie