100 scientific articles
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100 scientific articles

Text by Erik Sturkell

By December 2023, I reached the number 100 of peer-reviewed articles that I’m either first author or co-author on. My first research article was published in 1990 in the Soviet journal Okeanologija AN SSSR and published in Russian. It reported the scientific results of the international geological expedition in the Baltic Sea (24th journey of the scientific-investigational vessel “Professor Stokman”). My average publication rate for peer-reviewed articles is above 3 articles per year for the period 1990–2023. The articles cover many disciplines but the majority of them reports on results of research studies on volcanoes in Iceland. I’m the first author of 26 of the 100 articles. Of the 100 articles, two are published in Nature and three in Nature Geoscience, and they make up the top-3 most cited papers on my list (no. 75, 54, and 73).

Scientific papers (100)

  1. Emil’janov, E.M., Christiansen, H., Bublitz, G. & Sturkell, E., 1990: Mezdunarodnaja geologiceskaja èkspedicija v baltijskom more (24-j reis naucno-issledovatel’skogo sunda “Professor Stokman, 19 sentjabrja – 3 nojabrja 1989 g.). Okeanologija AN SSSR 30, 695–699. (In Russian: The international geological expedition in the Baltic Sea (24:th journey with the scientific-investigational vessel “Professor Stokman”.)
  2. Lindström, M., Ekvall, J., Hagenfeldt, S., Säwe, B. & Sturkell, E.F.F., 1991: Well-preserved Cambrian Impact exposed in central Sweden. Geologische Rundschau 80, 201–204.
  3. Sturkell, E., 1991: Tremadocian Ceratopyge Limestone identified in Jämtland, Sweden, by means of conodonts. Geologiska Föreningens i Stockholm Förhandlingar 113, 185–188.
  4. Lindström, M. & Sturkell, E.F.F., 1992: Geology of the Early Palaeozoic Lockne impact, Central Sweden. Tectonophysics 216, 169–185.
  5. Sturkell, E., Brandsdóttir, B., Shimamura, H. & Mochizuki, M., 1992: Seismic crustal structure along the Axarfjördur trough at the eastern margin of the Tjörnes fracture zone, N-Iceland. Jökull 42, 13–23.
  6. Sturkell, E., Sigmundsson, F., Einarsson, P. & Bilham, R., 1994: Strain accumulation 1986-1992 across the Reykjanes Peninsula plate boundary, Iceland, determined from GPS measurements. Geophysical Research Letters 21, 125–128.
  7. Bjerkéus, M., Gelumbauskaite, Z., Sturkell, E., Flodén, T. & Grigelis, A., 1994: Paleochannels in the East Central Part of the Baltic Proper. Baltica 8, 15–26.
  8. Mochizuki, M., Kodaira, S., Shiobara, H., Shimamura, H., Brandsdottir, B., Sturkell, E., Gudmundsson, G. & Stefansson, R., 1995: Seismicity in the Tjörnes fracture zone, off NE-Iceland, derived from an ocean bottom seismographic observation. Zisin Jishin 48:2, 257–270.
  9. Sigmundsson, F., Einarsson, P., Bilham, R. & Sturkell, E., 1995: Rift-transform kinematics in south Iceland: Deformation from Global Positioning System measurements, 1986 to 1992. Journal of Geophysical Research 100, 6235–6248.
  10. Lindström, M., Sturkell, E.F.F., Törnberg, R. & Ormö, J., 1996: The marine impact crater at Lockne, central Sweden. GFF 118, 193–206.
  11. Sturkell, E.F.F. & Ormö, J., 1997: Impact-related clastic injections in the marine Ordovician Lockne impact structure, central Sweden. Sedimentology 44, 793–804.
  12. Sturkell, E.F.F., 1998: Resurge morphology of the marine Lockne impact crater, Jämtland, central Sweden. Geological Magazine 135, 121–127.
  13. Sturkell, E.F.F., Broman, C., Forsberg, P. & Torssander, T., 1998: Impact-related hydrothermal activity in the Lockne impact structure, Jämtland, Sweden. European Journal of Mineralogy 10, 589–606.
  14. Sturkell, E.F.F. & Ormö, J., 1998: Magnetometry of the marine, Ordovician Lockne impact structure, Jämtland, Sweden. Journal of Applied Geophysics 38, 195–207.
  15. Zhang, J. & Sturkell, E.F.F., 1998: Aserian and Lasnamägian conodont stratigraphy and lithology at Kullstaberg and Lunne, in Jämtland, north Sweden. GFF 120, 75–83.
  16. Sturkell, E.F.F., 1998: Impact related Ir anomaly in the Middle Ordovician Lockne impact structure, Jämtland, Sweden. GFF 120, 333¬–336.
  17. Sturkell, E.F.F., Ekelund, A. & Törnberg, R., 1998: Gravity modelling of Lockne, a marine impact structure in Jämtland, central Sweden. Tectonophysics 296, 421–435.
  18. Sturkell, E.F.F., 1998: The marine Lockne impact structure, Jämtland, Sweden: A review. Geologische Rundschau 87, 253–267.
  19. Nõlvak, J., Grahn, Y. & Sturkell, E.F.F., 1999: Chitinozoan biostratigrahy of the middle Ordovician Dalby Limestone in the Fjäcka section, Siljan district, Sweden. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Science 48/2, 75–85.
  20. Lindström, M., Flodén, T., Grahn, Y., Hagenfeldt, S., Ormö, J., Sturkell, E.F.F. & Törnberg, R. 1999: The Lower Palaeozoic of the probable impact crater of Hummeln, Sweden. GFF 121, 243–252.
  21. Ormö, J., Sturkell, E.F.F., Blomqvist, G. & Törnberg, R., 1999: Mutually constrained geophysical data for the evaluation of a proposed impact structure: Lake Hummeln Sweden. Tectonophysics 311, 155–177.
  22. Sturkell, E., Ormö, J., Nõlvak, J. & Wallin, Å., 2000: Distant ejecta from the Lockne marine-target impact crater, Sweden. Meteoritics & Planetary Science 35, 929–936.
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Photo: Gabrielle. Erik always brings paper and pen to write down new research ideas – like here at Hanging Rock, Victoria, Australia.