A last farewell to Carl-Edvard
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A last farewell to Carl-Edvard

We finally had the chance to place Carl-Edvard’s urn in the Sturkell family burial site at ‘skogskyrkogården‘ in Katrineholm and thereby take a last farewell to Erik’s father. There were just a few of us present this time. Besides us, family members from the Sturkell and Tillander families, and former neighbour Irma were attending. The weather was the best possible. Sunny and cold crispy air and beautiful autumn colours. It meant we could spend time at burial site and share stories and memories of Carl-Edvard’s very long life. We are grateful this turned out to be such a peaceful and soothing last farewell.

Photo: Gabrielle. Erik carrying the urn of Carl-Edvard Sturkell.
Photo: Gabrielle. A moment of silence and peace.
Photo: Gabrielle. And several entertaining stories to share of Carl-Edvard’s humour.
Photo: Gabrielle. Carl-Edvard Sturkell is buried together with his late wife, Birgitta Sturkell born Ramstedt, and his parents Gunnar Sturkell and Sigrid Tillander.