Anneli – 60th birthday party
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Anneli – 60th birthday party

Our friend Anneli Berg turned 60 in mid May and invited friends and family to a party on a houseboat at the Gothenburg waterfront. The weather was splendid and the food plenty. Late in the afternoon, Anneli had arranged an amphibian vehicle (a rebuilt Volvo buss) to pick us up and take us a tour around the harbour of Gothenburg. This was great fun, specially the splash when the buss drove into the water. However, the younger kids found it a bit scary, and perhaps some of the dogs onboard, too. We got to know Anneli through dogs when I moved to Gothenburg with Collies in 2010. By coincidence, Anneli happens to be from Jämtland and her mother lives on the edge of the Lockne meteorite crater, which Erik and colleague Jens Ormö have been studying since 1994. Small world!

Photo: Tour guide. Anneli and her dog Siro. Congrats Anneli!
Photo: Anneli Berg. Erik was trying to photograph during the boat trip, not always easy.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. All what is left of the famous Eriksberg shipyard in Gothenburg.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. The new research vessel Skagerak from the University of Gothenburg.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Röda Sten, the artist workshop area and art hall.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Gothenburg view from the water front.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Älvsborgsbron – bridge towards the island Hisingen.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. There are two main Stena Line destinations from Gothenburg, Frederikshavn in Denmark and Kiel in Germany.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Anneli with the captain and the tour guide.
Photo: Anneli Berg. A fun trip onboard the Amphibian ocean buss!
Photo: Tour guide. All passengers including dogs after we safely returned back on solid ground.