Autumn in Gothenburg
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Autumn in Gothenburg

Autumn is here and so are all the apples and the final garden projects before it gets too late in the year. Erik and I have realised that a lot of work is needed when owning a house with a decent size of garden. All of our time during weekends are now spent on practical projects, which is probably an improvement from a health perspective compared to spending the time working on a computer. Luckily, Kristín Sigríður Sigurðardóttir from Iceland came to visit us in Gothenburg and gave us a social break and a chance to make another apple pie. Kristín used to join me on walks with the dogs when I was still living in Iceland, so she knows the old dogs really well but this was the first she met Jörfi. We managed to make a nice selfie with the dogs 🙂

Photo: Kristín Sigríður Sigurðardóttir. Selfie
Photo: Kristín Sigríður Sigurðardóttir. Jörfi, close up.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Autumn garden.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Jörfi gets tired sometimes.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Training the dogs in jumping up on ‘godisstenar’ to get treats.
Photo: Gabrielle. Why ammonites are so useful – not only spectacular fossils but also good to use as a pillow.
Photo: Gabrielle. Jörfi at age 5.5 months on the cliffs of Gothenburg.