Birthday in Denmark
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Birthday in Denmark

As Erik was going with the Glaciological Society of Iceland ‘JÖRFÍ’ up on the Vatnajökull glacier and needed transport to Copenhagen Airport, I decided to spend the time in Denmark at my mother’s new home, and celebrate my 50+ birthday with friends in Gundsømagle. It’s been one month since my mother left her big house with a huge garden, and moved to this smaller house on Skovrankevej in Gundsømagle. Nevertheless, she is almost entirely settled in her new home and we managed to empty the last moving boxes and get the Internet/TV up and running. Well done! And the house is super nice, where you immediately feel at home.

Photo: Gabrielle. My mother’s new home in Gundsømagle.
Photo: Gabrielle. With a very nice and open kitchen and dining area.
Photo: Gabrielle. My mother’s cat Micki feels at home.
Photo: Gabrielle. Comes with a much smaller and more practical garden.
Photo: Gabrielle. Garden features.
Photo: Gabrielle. Deli had her annual vaccination at Fjordens Dyrlæger while in Denmark.
Photo: Gabrielle. Garden features.
Photo: Gabrielle. Garden features.
Photo: Gabrielle. My mother had prepared breakfast with lots of flags.
Photo: Gabrielle. Birthday breakfast with friends from Gundsømagle: Lisbeth, Helle, Ove, Jane and my mother. Another friend, Flemming came later singing several birthday songs for me 🙂
Photo: Gabrielle. Flemming hoisted ‘Danneborg’ to celebrate my birthday on 31 May.
Photo: Gabrielle. My mother and Deli in the park behind the Cathedral in Roskilde.
Photo: Gabrielle. Roskilde Cathedral.