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HD/ED results of Jörfi

To our great surprise and concern, the standard HD and ED photographs of Jörfi's hips and elbows showed a dysplasia grade 3 on her left elbow. This is not something we would have suspected as she is always running around and not limping. Right elbow

Jörfi – 2 years

Time flies and we have already reached the 2 years birthday of our youngster Jörfi, our Dutch-bred Smooth Collie from the Mabinogion kennel. She has had her hurdles with too much stomach acid and been hospitalised twice in the past year, but it feels like

Deli 11 years

Our Smooth Collie oldie, Deli has reached the age of 11 and was therefore properly celebrated today with dog friends, both humans and dogs. It had been snowing again the past night and our neighbourhood looked lovely covered in snow. We went around photographing this

New Year in Särna

Despite obstacles like sickness, bad weather, and our car going to the garage for repair on Dec. 27, we managed to make our way up to Särna in Dalarna over New Year. I'm happy we made the effort. As always, it was great to be

MH description of Smooth Collies

While Erik attended a wedding in Stockholm, I took our two Smooth Collies in a southern direction to Kungsbacka Brukshundsklubb in Halland. As an owner of two herding dogs / working dogs, it's beneficial for the breed to get a mental description on as many

Jörfi’s 1 year birthday party

Our Smooth Collie pup 'Jörfi' is already a junior and turning one year today! She had a great birthday party yesterday with dog friends Dino (11 year-old rescue dog from Spain), Milou (14 year-old Dachshund), Polly (8 month-old Labrador pup), Primo (2-3 year-old Västgötaspets), and

Deli 10 years

Our oldest Smooth Collie, Deli reached the age of 10 on January 19 and was therefore accordingly celebrated both on her birthday and together with dog friends for brunch today. We are very grateful for still having her around! There have been times during those

MyDog 2023

We had signed Jörfi up for the MyDog 2023 in Gothenburg. This is the biggest dog show in the Nordic region and according to the organisers, close to 8000 dogs were registered for four days of dog show 5 - 8 January. Therefore it came

New Year 2022

What better way to start a New Year than go out with a sled dog team in glorious sunshine, lots of snow and minus 16 degrees Celsius! New Year was spent with sled dog friends Bo and Susan from Kennel Ulvedalen in Särna, and our