Popular Science
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Fagradalsfjall eruption

This is just to advertise our recent popular science article in Geologiskt forum nr. 111, 2021 about the Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption in Iceland. The article is in Swedish. Link to 'Geologiska föreningen', who is the publisher of Geologiskt forum: https://geologiskaforeningen.se For all who understands Swedish, we highly recommend

Diamonds are forever

Erik has written yet another popular science article for Geologiskt forum entitled 'Diamanter - det hårdaste inom geologin'. To translate, this time the chosen topic was diamonds, the hardest mineral on Earth. While I was teaching at the University of Iceland, one of my courses

Erik on Sommarlov

On the 30th of June, Erik took part in the recording of the Children's Summer Show “Sommarlov” (summer vacation) in Malmö, Southern Sweden. This TV show has been running for several summers and is at present part of the Swedish national television's (SVT) summer programs. The