Christmas 2020
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Christmas 2020

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a much happier New Year 2021! We were lucky in the sense that we could go to Denmark and celebrate Christmas with my mother – after taking a negative corona test. Most days in Denmark was spent on cooking nice dinners, relaxing, walking the dogs – and for Erik to update his archive and search for movies with geologists, either good or bad, and dead or alive. In one week, Erik found nine new/old movies where geologists play a role. Even one new where the geologist is a female super villain (Wonder Woman 1984), first time ever!

Our morning dog walking friends, Flemming and Margit brought coffee, Danish pastry and spirits (‘en lille én til halsen’) on Christmas morning. Very cozy and a good start for getting in Christmas mood. This year has seen the loss of two valued persons from the family and the group of friends. Hence, this was also a good occasion to remember them and all fond memories that came along. Margareta Ramstedt was Erik’s aunt, married to Lars-Olof Ramstedt, and sadly died in the suite of covid-19. Last time we met her was at her 90th birthday in Eskilstuna back in May 2016. Erik’s father, Carl Edvard Sturkell is now the last remaining of that generation and we hope he will manage to stay around for a couple more years!

Photo: Erik Sturkell. Carl Edvard Sturkell giving a speech for Margareta Ramstedt at her 90th Birthday.

Mogens ‘Gulli’ Guldbrandsen was a treasured friend and almost a mentor for Gabrielle the past 20 years. He passed away at the honourable age of 90 late this year. Whenever there were field activities related to Greenland, Gulli was there to advice and share his knowledge from decades of service of leading the ‘SIRIUS sled dog patrol’ in Northeast Greenland. In addition, he never forgot my birthday those 20 years, but always gave me a call to congratulate me. I will sorely miss those long phone conversations about Greenland and life in general, and his amazing stories from Greenland. He was a true storyteller. My former DPC colleague Henrik Højmark Thomsen (now retired from GEUS) took these photos of Gulli in ‘Danmark Fjord’, NE Greenland in 2005 during filming of the DR Documentary about ‘Danmark Ekspeditionen’ :

Photo: Anna Kathrine Frørup. Celebrating Christmas early in the morning with Flemming, Margit, my mother, Kathrine and all the dogs (Albert, Pelle, Anton, Glitnir and Deli).
Photo. Gabrielle. Even minus degrees and sunny weather on Christmas day, much appreciated.
Photo: Gabrielle. Glitnir and Deli enjoying the cold weather.
Photo: Gabrielle. Decorating the Christmas table with decorations from Denmark, Iceland and Greenland.
Photo: Gabrielle. My mother’s new cat ‘Felix’, super social and sweet.