Congrats to PhD Axel Sjöqvist
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Congrats to PhD Axel Sjöqvist

Congratulations to Axel Sjöqvist on a successful PhD dissertation on the 10th of December 2021 at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Axel’s PhD thesis is entitled “Ample Rare Elements – A Geochemical Anomaly in the Earth’s Crust at Norra Kärr”. His opponent was Thomas Find Kokfelt from GEUS in Denmark, supplemented by the committee consisting of the following three members: Kathryn Goodenough from BGS in the UK, Ulf Söderlund from Lund University, and Hannes Mattsson from Uppsala University, both Sweden. The whole dissertation took close to four hours and encompassed a nearly 30 min good overview presentation by Axel followed by very interesting discussions with the opponent and the committee. As we are engaged scientifically with rocks from Gardar in Greenland similar to those found at Norra Kärr, these discussions were highly interesting for us and our students to follow. Erik had a busy time as he was the examiner for Axel, organising and chairing the PhD defence. We took the opponent, two committee members (Hannes and Ulf) and supervisor Thomas Zack out on an excellent restaurant “Signore” in Gothenburg the evening before the defence. Kathryn Goodenough unfortunately couldn’t make it to Sweden as she would most likely end up in quarantine. All in all, Axel was extremely lucky to have a PhD defence with most people on site. This was most likely the last “physical” defence for a while. Axel even made it to Norra Kärr the following day, despite all the snow, to show the site to Thomas Kokfelt and Hannes Mattsson, who really appreciated the excursion. Well done Axel and all the best of luck with future projects!

Thank you also Thomas K, Hannes, Ulf, Kathryn, and Matthias Konrad-Schmolke (the spare committee member) for doing a great job! It was really good to see you all again.


The above picture is from the Lockne Impact Crater in Central Sweden in 2010, where Axel did his BSc project with Erik as Supervisor. Photo: Gabrielle Stockmann.

Photo: Erik Sturkell. Axel Sjöqvist after his PhD defence and after being interviewed by P4 Jönköping about his scientific results and implications for REE mining at Norra Kärr.
Photo: Gabrielle. Axel’s PhD thesis.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. We gave Axel the first two volumes of the the Danish Valhalla Comics, translated into Swedish, because Axel and his wife Louise have named their son Loke.