Deli 10 years
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Deli 10 years

Our oldest Smooth Collie, Deli reached the age of 10 on January 19 and was therefore accordingly celebrated both on her birthday and together with dog friends for brunch today. We are very grateful for still having her around! There have been times during those 10 years where we weren’t sure she would ever make it to 10, mainly for health reasons. It took several visits to the emergency at young age before we realised she is suffering from a badly functioning pancreas. She has therefore been on a special low-fat diet for most of her life and that has worked well. Most of her life has been spent together with the older dog Glitnir, but when Glitnir had to be put to sleep in spring 2002, puppy Jörfi moved into our family instead. Jörfi has made everyone livelier including Deli who spends a lot of time each day playing with Jörfi now 9 months old. It’s hard to imagine a calmer and sweeter dog than Deli. We owe many thanks to Aila at kennel Honey Melon in Finland, who sold us this amazing dog 10 years ago!

Photo: Gabrielle. Deli and Jörfi on her 10 years’ birthday where snow had fallen during night.
Photo: Gabrielle. Deli has American/Canadian lines in her and is therefore a big Smooth Collie female.
Photo: Gabrielle. Brunch today with Heléne (Fru Milou) and Peter (Herr Dino) celebrating Deli’s birthday.
Photo: Heléne Olivegren. Gabrielle and Erik at the birthday brunch.
Photo: Heléne Olivegren. Peter, Gabrielle, and Erik at the brunch. The four dogs were somewhere too, probably under the table around Peter 🙂
Photo: Gabrielle. Peter is very popular with the dogs, here with the oldies Dino (11), Deli (10) and Milou (soon 14).
Photo: Gabrielle. Energetic youngster, Jörfi also found her way to Peter’s treats.
Photo: Heléne Olivegren. Dino, Deli, Jörfi, and Milou.
Photo: Gabrielle. One of Deli’s favourite spots outside the kitchen window.
Photo: Gabrielle. Honey Melon Fay Fidelia called ‘Deli’ now 10 years old.
Photo: Gabrielle. And finally a photo of Jörfi on a snowy day in Gothenburg, who’s company has made Deli very happy.
Photo: Gabrielle. Deli as a puppy in 2013.
Photo: Gabrielle. Glitnir with Deli as a puppy in 2013.
Photo: Gabrielle. Deli and Glitnir in Spring 2013.
Photo: Gabrielle. Summer in Gothenburg 2013.