Deli – 8 years
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Deli – 8 years

Our youngest Smooth Collie, Deli is turning 8 today and it’s almost a miracle she is still around. We have been close to loosing her on several occasions and we are therefore very glad she is still here with us. She has been face-to-face with a poisonous viper, she has been in a severe car accident, and she has suffered from several pancreatic attacks and one gallbladder attack, both very painful! These days, she is extremely happy as we have had some light snow showers in Gothenburg. Unfortunately for Deli, she misjudged what season we are in, a side effect from living in Iceland, and thought we were heading for summer (Gothenburg winter = Iceland summer temperatures) – and thus is now wearing a summer coat. Nevertheless, she loves snow and snow blizzards in particular and is still very energetic and playful with other dogs. After returning to a life in Sweden, she is more eager than ever to meet as many dogs as possible and luckily there are many dog friends in Gothenburg.

Photo: Gabrielle. Glitnir and Deli in the winter landscape of Gothenburg today.
Photo: Gabrielle. The older dog, Glitnir is getting close to 12 and still in very good shape and taking good care of Deli. She is wearing a winter coat 🙂
Photo: Gabrielle. Our veterinarians in Denmark, Fjordens Dyrlæger has this nice tradition of handing out treats to their ‘customers around Christmas. You bring one Christmas sock for each animal, and then you pick up a bag of treats, specially packed for your pet. Deli got the last of her treats today on her Birthday.