Dufweholms Herrgård and Katrineholm
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Dufweholms Herrgård and Katrineholm

Earlier in the week we went to Katrineholm to visit Erik’s father Carl Edvard who is now quite old (97) and staying at an elderly home. If life and health allows it, he will turn 98 in early November – an impressive age but his health has sadly deteriorated a lot since last I met him a year ago. Thus you never know when would be the last chance to meet him. Erik and I stayed at Dufweholms Herrgård (Dufweholms Manor), which is one of the most romantic places I have visited in Sweden. We got our own house as we were bringing the dogs with us and that worked really well. Since we didn’t get a chance to celebrate our 13-years wedding anniversary in August, we decided to celebrate the anniversary at Dufweholms with a 3-course dinner. Our compliments to the young chef at Dufweholms who did a fantastic job!

Photo: Gabrielle. The house at Dufweholms Herrgård where we stayed.
Photo: Gabrielle. The dogs on an early morning walk at Dufweholms.
Photo: Gabrielle. The view over water is spectacular.
Photo: Gabrielle. Scenery from the morning walk.
Photo: Gabrielle. Part of Dufweholms Manor.
Photo: Gabrielle. Erik enjoying the first course our of three, an artichoke soup.
Photo: Gabrielle. The main course.
Photo: Gabrielle. And finally the desert, blueberries.
Photo: Gabrielle. The ridge next to Erik’s father’s house where I have been on many walks with the dogs over the years.