Erik 61 and other birthdays
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Erik 61 and other birthdays

Erik had a very quiet birthday this year compared to last summer’s 60 years garden party. As we had both attended big birthday parties just days before, we decided to have a relaxing evening at home with a nice dinner in the garden and champagne. Erik went to Stockholm during the weekend prior to his birthday to take part in his friend Joakim Mansfeld’s 60th birthday party, whereas I went south to celebrate my niece Idun’s 18th birthday in Lund. Both were really nice parties and it was great to see family and friends again!

Photo: Gabrielle. Don’t know why we don’t have Swedish flags so Erik had to settle with Danish and Icelandic flags.
Photo: Gabrielle. Erik now 61 years old, celebrating with champagne.
Photo: Gabrielle. J√∂rfi was a present to Erik last year when he turned 60. They are very fond of each other ūüôā
Photo: Gabrielle. Swedish strawberries on Midsummer.
Photo: Gabrielle. Swedish Midsummer!
Photo: Gabrielle. Jörfi, now of age 14 months.
Photo: Gabrielle. Jörfi (Mabinogion Eadith) from the Netherlands has lived in Sweden for one year.
Photo: Gabrielle. The Gingko tree Erik got last year for his birthday is doing well.