Erik and volcanoes in the media
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Erik and volcanoes in the media

Thanks to the La Palma eruption on the Canary Islands and the still ongoing Fagradalsfjall eruption in Iceland, plus the potential eruption from Askja, volcanoes are receiving a lot of attention by Swedish media these days. Erik has been contacted quite frequently for a comment, for articles, or for a podcast on the radio. Some of them are still available online for those who are interested (all of them are in Swedish):

  1. ‘Två dagar’ by Göteborgs-Posten where freelance journalist Anna Reinberg interviewed both Erik in Sweden and Barbara Kleine in Iceland. This is a 7-page article entitled ‘I skuggan av vulkanerna’. By coincidence, there was also article about Erik’s colleague Deliang Chen from the University of Gothenburg in the same edition of ‘Två dagar’ although on a different topic, namely climate change.
  2. Podcast about super volcanoes in the program series ‘P3 Dystopia’, where Erik, Steffi Burchardt from Uppsala University, and Mike Poland from USGS, among others, were interviewed by Swedish Radio:
  3. Swedish Radio and the program ‘Vetenskapsradion Nyheter’ interviewing Erik, and Steffi Burchardt from Uppsala University about ‘Ännu en vulkan laddar upp på Island – forskare förbereder sig på utbrott’:

If you are looking for a good source of information about the ongoing La Palma eruption, we recommend the YouTube channel by Professor Valentin Troll, Uppsala University. He is making frequent updates and interviews with local geologists:

Photos. Erik Sturkell. The Fagradalsfjall eruption in August 2021, now calmer than when we visited the volcano in early June.