Erik’s 60 years’ birthday party
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Erik’s 60 years’ birthday party

Erik is turning 60 on Wednesday but decided to have his birthday party this weekend. Colleagues, friends and family were invited and almost 50 guests showed up including 5 children and 3 dogs. Erik had hired Julius with friend Matthias to take care of the barbecue and they did an amazing job! Luckily, the weather made it possible for us to have a garden party, although a bit windy. In our opinion, the party was an absolute success and we are really grateful for all the people who showed up and celebrated with us. Old friends, Joakim and Benno came all the way from Stockholm to join the party. One of Erik’s wishes for a birthday present was granted in the form of a 2 meter tall Ginkgo biloba. This is the world’s oldest living tree species dating back to Jurassic time some 190 million years ago, and discovered in Australia. The tree was planted in the garden today, almost ceremonial together with the ashes of Glitnir.

Photo: Gabrielle. Preparing for the party and barbecue with Lina, Julius and friend.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Line arranged the refreshments.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Lina showing Deli how to operate the wine bar.
Photo: Gabrielle. All set for the guests.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. First wave of guests and dogs arrived.
Photo: Gabrielle. PhD students and a dog, Madicken (Briard).
Photo: Gabrielle. Party!
Photo: Gabrielle. Party and Deli checking in on the children’s food.
Photo: Gabrielle. Party moving indoor, Lina bringing the wine 🙂
Photo: Gabrielle. Alexander Walther, the entertainer.
Photo: Gabrielle. Lina and Anneli singing along.
Photo: Gabrielle. While some preferred the more quiet living room.
Photo: Gabrielle. Today’s planting a tree campaign. The Ginkgo biloba (and Glitnir) getting a lot of water.
Photo: Gabrielle. Success! Erik with his birthday present, the Ginkgo biloba tree.