First snow
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First snow

First snow of the season and 7 month-old puppy Jörfi’s first encounter with snow 🙂 She seems pretty enthusiastic as most dogs (and children). Everything becomes so pretty when covered in snowy powder. It’s the perfect setting for coming in Christmas mood.

Photo: Gabrielle. Early morning (that’s why the pictures are blurry), but fantastic to see that a lot of new snow had fallen during night.
Photo: Gabrielle
Photo: Gabrielle. Can’t get prettier than this!
Photo: Gabrielle. Measuring with my coffee cup how much snow had fallen over night.
Photo: Gabrielle. Garden dressed in snow.
Photo: Gabrielle. Jörfi was licking the snow in the beginning trying to figure out what this white stuff was.
Photo: Gabrielle. Tree and berries covered in snow.
Photo: Gabrielle. Deli on the morning walk in snow.
Photo: Gabrielle. When the sun came up, she got beautifully illuminated in golden colours.
Photo: Gabrielle. Sweet Deli, almost 10 years old.
Photo: Gabrielle. Jörfi buried herself in snow 🙂