Funeral for Dorte Heldrup
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Funeral for Dorte Heldrup

We had the most beautiful and windy weather last Friday, 14 January, when we had the funeral service for my aunt Dorte Heldrup, oldest sister of my father, Jesper Heldrup. The funeral took place at Virum Church in Denmark. We were happy to see how many attended the funeral despite the worrying corona situation. Many of those who couldn’t be present had sent flowers, which meant the whole aisle were covered with flowers. Dorte would have loved that!

The priest held a very personal memorial talk and had really captured, who Dorte was as a person. It made it a beautiful ceremony despite the sad occasion. Afterwards, c. 25 of us continued to the Regatta pavilion in Bagsværd where we had ‘dansk smørrebrød’ and ‘gravøl’. Bread and beer. The good thing about this funeral tradition is that you meet the family and share stories, both about the deceased and ancestors. Dorte and my father’s cousins, Per and Erik told several stories about the family I hadn’t heard before. Very enjoyable.

The urn of Dorte will be placed at the family burial place at Mariebjerg Cemetery, Gentofte in Denmark.

Photo: Gabrielle. Funeral of Dorte Birgitte Heldrup, born 15 January 1943 in Hellerup of parents Inger and Gunnar Heldrup, and died 5 January 2022 just before turning 79.
Photo: Niels Zeeberg. All flowers from the church were placed at the family burial site, Marieberg Cemetery.