Funeral in Katrineholm Church
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Funeral in Katrineholm Church

Update, March 5, 2023
Thanks to all who donated money to ‘Doctors without Borders’ in memory of Carl Edvard Sturkell! This would have sincerely gladdened him, and with wars and natural disasters, these donations are highly needed.

Photo: Gabrielle. Katrineholms Begravningsbyrå sent us this memorial book for Carl Edvard. We are very pleased with the work they did in connection with the funeral. Everything worked really well!

Yesterday, we finally had a chance to say a proper goodbye at the funeral service for Carl Edvard Sturkell in Katrineholm Church. Being a very organised person, Carl Edvard had dictated his wishes in advance to which songs and psalms should be part of his funeral. A very beautiful and very emotional funeral ceremony! It was impossible to hold back tears when Schubert’s Ave Maria was sung by a male solo singer (unfortunately, don’t know his name). Carl Edvard didn’t expect many to participate at his funeral, but here he was proven wrong. Many attended, both from the Sturkell, Tillander, and Ramstedt families. Friends and neighbours came and former colleagues from the courthouse in Katrineholm, from Rotary and from ‘hembygdsföreningen’. There were several speeches at the coffee afterwards, all of them reflecting the calm and kind gentleman that characterised Carl Edvard as person, and the professionalism he guarded as a lawyer and judge. Thanks to all who participated and made it such a memorable day!

Photo: Erik Sturkell
Photo: Gabrielle. Katrineholm Church.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. We visited the summer house of Carl Edvard while in Sörmland.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. The Sturkell summer house.