Geologiskt forum 105 & 108
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Geologiskt forum 105 & 108

Erik is a dedicated writer of articles to Geologiskt forum, the popular science magazine from the Swedish Geological Society (Geologiska föreningen). This year has resulted in two articles, one about his trip to Oman, where they had an excellent field guide in Peter Keleman, and a second together with me about the CarbFix project in Iceland, where I did my PhD project. Both articles concern CO2 sequestration and how natural processes can inspire scientists and industry to turn these natural CO2 sequestration processes into large-scale industrial processes as is the case for CarbFix. Oman has a large potential for industrial CO2 sequestration, just like Iceland thanks to a large supply of mafic and ultramafic rocks, but has so far decided not to use it.

Photo credit (including photo above): Sigurdur Reynir Gíslason, CarbFix project

If you are interested in Geology and can read Swedish, we strongly recommend you to subscribe to Geologiskt forum – and then you will be able to read our two interesting articles listed here below:

Geologiskt forum 105: ‘Manteln tur och retur’ by Erik Sturkell
Geologiskt forum 108: ‘Från gas till mineral – framtidens fasta lösning på koldioxidfrågan’ by Erik Sturkell & Gabrielle Stockmann