Geophysics in Skäremo near Svenljunga
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Geophysics in Skäremo near Svenljunga

Or a November day in the sand. Author: Erik Sturkell.

On Sunday the 8th of November Gabrielle, Glitnir, Deli and I (Erik) joined Eric Hegardt and Erik Meland far out in the woods just south of Svenljunga, to do a refraction survey. Eric and Erik had a job to make an estimate of sand volumes for a possible expansion of an existing sand pit. Three 120 meters long refraction lines were made, to determine the depth to solid rock and also if possible to detect the ground water table. In addition, a few profiles with the ground penetrating radar were made. We combined the data collection so the material can be used for a possible student project. Erik and Eric are an excellent team and the work was made during the light hours of the short day. Gabrielle and me took care of the levelling of the seismic line. We established two permanent benchmarks that can tie to an absolute height. Glitnir and Deli enjoyed the fieldwork for most of the time, but as Glitnir did not like the explosions, she retreated to the safety of the car for a while. However, in the afternoon she re-emerged happy to take part in the fieldwork again.

The people that operate the sandpit in Skäremo desired to expand it.
The excavation has already eaten into the road that today makes a bend; it is not a good idea to go straight. Photo: Erik Sturkell
Eric Hegardt working on a Sunday. Photo: Erik Sturkell
When Erik and Eric perform the refraction seismic, it all goes with a bang! Erik Meland is detonating the explosives to get the profiles. Photo: Erik Sturkell
Gabrielle and Glitnir in the woods. The dogs were wearing vests for safety issues in case there were hunting going on in the area. Photo: Erik Sturkell
Deli on fieldwork in Skäremo. Photo: Gabrielle
Erik preparing for establishing a bench mark. Photo: Gabrielle
Erik taking care of the levelling readings, while Gabrielle is holding the stick. Photo: Gabrielle