German documentary on Greenland
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German documentary on Greenland

The first of the German documentaries, featuring the Ikka project, was aired on TV channel ARTE in January:–Reportagen/Umwelt-und-Natur/Startseite/?sendung=287244000834318

Same program will be presented on the ZDF channel on 11th or 18th of June 2023 as part of the German science series Terra X. An extended version of the documentary including more information about the Ikka project will be presented on ARTE. Exact date unknown so far. Marine biologist and diver Uli Kunz is the one presenting the program and is doing a really good job! Even I could follow his explanations in his very concise and well-articulated German. In addition to Ikka, this first documentary covers stories about the Greenland shark in East Greenland and the algae bloom project on the inland ice led by Liane Benning from GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam. Fun for me because I know Liane well from my research career in Iceland and she was one of the opponents for my PhD dissertation in Iceland 2012. Thanks to Claudia Ruby, Steffen Bohn, Uli Kunz, and Florian Huber from Gruppe 5 for joining us in 2021 and filming and interviewing us during the field season in Ikka Fjord. The weather was miserable for most of the time. Thus, I’m happy to see it came out so well, and the underwater filming is just spectacular!

Photo: Gabrielle. Steffen Bohn making ready for filming in Ikka Fjord 2021.
Photo: Gabrielle. Florian and Uli dressed in diving gear on one of the days with miserable weather.
Photo: Paul Seaman. Uli Kunz as the presenter on the documentary.
Photo: Gabrielle. Steffen testing the audio on our mascot Bryndis.
Photo: Gabrielle. Finally nice weather when we were on our way home. Here Florian Huber and Uli Kunz on our excursion to Brattahlid opposite Narsarsuaq.