Glitnir 13 years
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Glitnir 13 years

Our older Smooth Collie, Glitnir has now reached the admirable age of 13 years. She is still in pretty good shape and not on any medication. During the year, she had one near-death incident when she drank algae water. I had to bring her to the emergency and she spent two days at the hospital in intensive care. The veterinarian judged it 50-50 % that she would make it, but already after day 1, she was almost back to normal. We have to thank Anicura Animal Hospital in Mölndal for once more saving the life of one of our dogs. In daily life, Glitnir still manages to do the 1-hour walks over cliffs in Gothenburg, and her love for food hasn’t diminished. What I find really amazing is that she finds the energy almost every day to play a little with our other dog, Deli in the garden. They love the life at our new home with a garden. That was a very good move for all of us!

Photo: Gabrielle. Laura Geisler handing out treats to all three dogs. Her own dog, the labrador Nelson is of the same age as Glitnir.
Photo: Gabrielle. A dog get-together at the pond in Landala Egnahem. Milou, the dachshund, is born same year and day as Glitnir. Thus we had double celebration at the pond. The black&white dog to he left is Dino, an elderly shelter dog from Spain.
Photo: Gabrielle. Landala Egnahem in Gothenburg.
Photo: Heléne Olivegren. Our dog friend Heléne took photos too, and was more focused on getting all the dogs in the picture 🙂