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This was my first visit to the Gotland, an island outside the southeast cost of Sweden. As Erik and I already were in Stockholm, it was easy taking us to Gotland for a few days. The occasion was mainly visiting our friend Karin Lodin and her parents in their summer house on Gotland. Secondly, while working at Stockholm University, my colleague Dan Zetterberg always recommended me to go there. Both because it’s a beautiful and pleasant place to visit, but also because it has spectacular geology very different from mainland Sweden. As Dan so suddenly passed away a few years ago, I felt more obliged than ever to follow his advice.

Karin and her father Lennart came to pick us up in Visby. They were the perfect guides and took very good care of us during our whole stay! Karin and Lennart has been on many geological excursions with Stockholm University, and besides being a medical doctor Karin also holds a BSc degree in Geology. Impressive beyond words!

It was indeed very, very interesting visiting Gotland. Not only to see the fascinating geology e.g. Silurian reefs, but the spectacular nature and learn more about the history of Gotland. The Danish King, Valdemar Atterdag came to Gotland in 1361 to ransack the island. This led to a massacre of the peasants living there. Once per year, this tragic event is remembered as part of the Middle Age Week in Visby.

Thanks to Karin and her parents for taking so good care of us!

Erik, Karin and Lennart on Gotland. Photo: Gabrielle Stockmann
Erik and Lennart looking at some interesting geology on the beach. Photo: Gabrielle Stockmann
Gabrielle relaxing on a Gotland beach. Photo: Erik Sturkell
Rauk formations. Photo: Gabrielle Stockmann
Interesting archeology on Gotland too. Photo: Gabrielle Stockmann
Karin Lodin and her mother Barbro (?) in front of their summer house and Karin wearing an Icelandic sweater I gave her as an BSc graduation present :-). Photo: Gabrielle Stockmann