Greenland Science Week
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Greenland Science Week

This was the first time the Greenland Science Week took place. It used to be called the ‘Polar Day’ and be helt somewhere in Denmark, but now the decision has been made to move it permanently to Nuuk in Greenland.

On behalf of our research group who carried out fieldwork in Ikka Fjord in June 2019, I presented our main results from that work. Interestingly, both my poster and my talk to the general public was presented in Danish. This is the first year in ages I have had a chance to present so much science in Danish. Normally, most scientific work is presented in English.

Besides taking part in the Greenland Science Week, I got a chance to visit the local GEUS office in Nuuk and arrange a meeting with the Ministry of Environment to discuss the ‘health status’ of the ikaite columns. Both the fjord and the columns are designated as a protected area and the legislation is enforced by the Ministry of Environment, Government of Greenland.

It was this sight of the ikaite columns in June 2018 that made us really worried about their ‘health’. Photo: Eemu Ranta