YouTube video featuring Ikka
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YouTube video featuring Ikka

Our two German scientific divers from the Ikka expedition 2021, Uli Kunz and Florian Huber have both taken part in interviews on the Stephan Wiesner YouTube channel. These videos are interesting to watch and give an inspiring insight into scientific diving and photographing. The video featuring Uli Kunz includes his description of the Greenland expedition in 2021, which took him and the rest of the Terra X film crew to the camp site on the Greenland Ice Sheet where algae blooming is accelerating the ice melt. Very worrying and scary to watch. You literally see how the camp site is melting away. Afterwards, the film crew came to Ikka Fjord to join our expedition on studying the submarine ikaite columns. I totally love Uli’s enthusiasm for ‘our’ tiny fjord and its columns, because I know he has literally travelled the world and seen so many spectacular places. Thus, likely not easily impressed but you can feel his passion for the Ikka Fjord column world and the wondrous biological life it hosts (in German):

Florian Huber turned out to be both a good diving partner of Uli and an asset to the Ikka project due to his knowledge of Norse settlement history and archaeology. He too is a talented presenter on popular science programs and in his inspiring interview with Stephan Wiesner, he describes in vivid details the wondrous world of oceans and all the archeological treasures hidden there (in German):

Photo by Uli Kunz from Ikka Fjord.
Photo: Richard Gyllencreutz. Florian Huber and Uli Kunz on the Greenland expedition 2021.