HD/ED results of Jörfi
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HD/ED results of Jörfi

To our great surprise and concern, the standard HD and ED photographs of Jörfi’s hips and elbows showed a dysplasia grade 3 on her left elbow. This is not something we would have suspected as she is always running around and not limping. Right elbow is normal (ED 0) and hips are fine (HD A/A). Unfortunately, Jörfi came out quite traumatised by the HD-ED photographing,, because the sedatives they gave her at the animal hospital didn’t have the desired effect. Thus, on top of the ED diagnosis we had to deal with a really frightened dog. Such a bad experience! The way we have handled this was to move Jörfi to Denmark and let my Danish veterinarians treat her for joint, stress and anxiety issues. Luckily, this has helped her tremendously both physically and mentally, and she is now more or less the happy dog she used to be.

Photo: Gabrielle. Jörfi recuperating from stress and relaxing at my mother’s place in Gundsømagle.
Photo: Gabrielle. Jörfi and Deli relaxing in my mother’s garden in Denmark, June 2024.

In addition, we managed to make new x-ray photographs of both elbows, which a specialist in joints are now studying (the same veterinarian who advised us on Glitnir’s injury) and then we’ll take it from there. Inserted here below is the Hip and Elbow Certificate of Jörfi (Mabinogion Eadith) – if you can’t see it try refresh of the page.