Iceland in December
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Iceland in December

The past week was spent in Reykjavík, Iceland taking care of practical matters and meeting up with friends. We still have an apartment in Reykjavik, where part of it is rented out, and our big Toyota Landcruiser was desperately in need of a better long-term solution for parking. Erik needs the car for fieldwork in the highlands and we therefore wanted an indoor solution that will hopefully make the car last for another decade. You could already see the salty humid weather had taken a toll on it, but it’s now stored in a heated garage, where a friend is looking after it. One less worry to think of. We had an intensive social programme as always when in Iceland, and we were glad we managed to meet so many friends and former colleagues. Three (Ríkey, Barbara and Gro) had new babies to admire 🙂

During the whole week there was a high pressure and blue sky over Reykjavík. Very unusual to have good weather for so many days!

Photo: Erik Sturkell. First leg of our journey started in Copenhagen Airport where technical problems with the baggage compartment meant delays combined with more and more people gathering outside the Icelandair airplane.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. A mechanics was called to solve the problem, where Erik commented in jest that it would most likely end with duct tape. But in truth, this was exactly what happened. He inspected the compartment and then returned with tape after which we were able to depart for Iceland. Hilarious!
Photo: Erik Sturkell. You could clearly see the new volcanic eruption site at Meradalir (black stuff) when flying in over Iceland.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Beautiful sunset and full moon.
Photo: Gabrielle. Then off for dinner at Grillmarket where they luckily has started selling their cocktail ‘Wild Wild West’ again. This is the best!
Photo: Gabrielle. Their deserts are always superb. This is one of the smaller ones!
Photo: Gabrielle. The Yule Cat was back in downtown Reykjavík as traditions require.
Photo: Gabrielle. The Icelandic Yule Cat is a scary creature.
Photo: Gabrielle. We of course went for ‘pylsur’ as is also tradition in Iceland.
Photo: Gabrielle. View towards Seltjernarnes.
Photo: Gabrielle. Same spot as above but now photographed towards Esja.
Photo: Gabrielle. Erik in the Grandi area.
Photo: Gabrielle. On a walk in Grafarvogur where one seal in lying on the rock in the water.
Photo: Gabrielle. On this rock in the water we counted at least 13 seals.
Photo: Gabrielle. Kristin and Gabrielle on the beach at Grafarvogur looking for seals.
Photo: Gabrielle. Danish friend, Gro and her son Leo in Perlan, Reykjavík.
Photo: Gabrielle. Friends Iwona and Nicole at Mathöllin, Hlemmur in Reykjavík.
Photo: Gabrielle. My delicious salmon lunch in Mathöllin.
Photo: Gabrielle. Iwona, Gabby and Nic in selfie.