Ikka Fjord 2024 expedition
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Ikaite columns of Ikka Fjord 2024

Ikka Fjord 2024 expedition

I’m really happy to report that we got 11 team members home safely, and that the ikaite columns of Ikka Fjord appear to have recovered remarkably in the last couple of years. In certain areas of the fjord, they are teeming with life just like the ‘old days’ and are a wonder to behold! We found a new column area in the inner fjord, which we named ‘Valhalla’ as they resemble a Nordic heaven. I have to thank Kunuk Albrechtsen of Arsuk for all his help! Without him, none of this fieldwork would have been possible. Thanks to Kunuk and all his logistical help, we managed to get most of the scientific data we planned to do including biological monitoring of three selected columns; the Atoll, Lejrfeltet, and the Obelisk. We also have complete 3D scans of selected columns with the help of Florian Huber, SUBMARIS. He and Uli Kunz once again amazed us with their fantastic underwater and video material of the columns. Uli made short video presentations with highlights from the fieldwork – one is inserted here below. Enjoy!

Copyright Uli Kunz, SUBMARIS 2024

Thanks to all the hard-working team members:

Team SWEDEN: Lina M. Rasmusson, Petter Lundberg, Robin Svensson
Team DENMARK: Susse Wegeberg, Erik Trampe, Rolf Darville, Filip Nielsen (DK/SE)
Team UK: Paul Seaman
Team GERMANY: Uli Kunz and Florian Huber
And not least thanks to NAPA, and Aage V. Jensens Fond for funding this fieldwork!

Gabrielle Stockmann, IKKA-NAPA Project leader

Photo: Uli Kunz, SUBMARIS. The team Ikka Fjord 2024 expedition from left to right: Susse Wegeberg, Lina Rasmusson, Erik Trampe, Rolf Darville, Petter Lundberg, Kunuk Albrechtsen, Florian Huber, Robin Svensson, Filip Felix Nielsen, Paul Seaman, Gabrielle Stockmann, and Uli Kunz in front of Koralhytten in Ikka Fjord, SW Greenland.
Photo: Lina M. Rasmusson. Kunuk and Gabrielle in Ikka Fjord 2024.