IKKA jubilee 26 years
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IKKA jubilee 26 years

To celebrate that it is now 26 years ago we had our first scientific expedition to Ikka Fjord in SW Greenland to study the magnificent ikaite columns, 25-30 participants from the many expeditions met in Copenhagen last Friday for coffee, a scientific meeting and a nice dinner. Professor Reinhardt Møbjerg Kristensen was our host and I was the organiser. We started with coffee & cake at the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen where we had our very first planning meeting back in autumn 1994. Then we went on to one of the auditoriums at the Biological Institute for the scientific meeting where I presented our new Ikka results from 2014 and onwards, Bjørn Buchardt told the story of how the project got started, Reinhardt talked about the meiofauna, whereas Peter Stougaard and Michael Kühl presented results from the microbiological studies of the ikaite columns. It was impressive to see so many participants at this Ikka event, and quite many from the first expedition in 1995 (see photo). We, the ‘Ikka people’, are a good mixture of researchers, students, divers, Danish Navy people, film crew, and logistical helpers, and many of us have kept in contact over the years. There is a special ‘chemistry’ within the IKKA project, which you could also sense at this jubilee. You could tell how happy people were to meet again. Actually, there appears to be a strong wish to meet again before the 50-year jubilee :-). Ten of us went for a nice sushi dinner after the meeting at Bjørn’s place in Christianshavn. Thanks to Reinhardt for hosting us and arranging the coffee, and to Bjørn for arranging the dinner, and not least to all our dedicated IKKA people who showed up for this event (hope I remember everyone): Rolf Darville and daughter, Lone Thorbjørn, Lene Düwel, Marie Vous, Eydís Lindal Finnbogadóttir, John Andersson, Filip (Felix) Nielsen, Michelle N. Petersen, Majken Them Tøttrup, Mariane Schmidt Thøgersen, Richard Martin, Uffe Wilken, Jens Erik Nybo Larsen, Lars Haumann, Lars Teken Christensen, Jesper Højdal, Marc Overgaard Hansen, Peter and Anni Stougaard, Peter Barfoed, Michael Kühl, Reinhardt Møbjerg Kristensen, Bjørn Buchardt, Erik Sturkell and myself, Gabrielle Stockmann. Hope to see you soon!

Photo: Richard Martin. The IKKA 1995 expedition team, the first scientific expedition to Ikka Fjord carried out by the IKKA project. Back row from left to right: Elving Hansen, Jonathan Hansen, Lars Haumann, Michael Whiticar, Bjørn Buchardt, Gabrielle Stockmann, Godtfred Høpner Petersen, Filip (Felix) Nielsen. Front row from left to right: Kim (?), Dorthe Westergaard, Aase Kristiansen, Lene Düwel, Lars Teken Christensen, Lone Thorbjørn and Rolf Darville. The British expedition, lead by Paul Seaman arrived just after us in July 1995. From 1996 onwards, we had joint Danish-British expeditions.
Photo: Richard Martin. This is the IKKA 1996 expedition team.