Ikka News – January 2022
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Ikka News – January 2022

There are again several News items to share from the IKKA project:

  • The Seaman et al. paper on the new mapping of the ikaite columns is finally published in Marine Geology. By use of multi beam and drone imagining, our lead author Paul Seaman was able to identify 938 columns in Ikka Fjord, SW Greenland of heights 0.5 to 20 meters. This can be compared to the 600+ columns, which Paul Seaman mapped in the mid nineties. However, detection limit and techniques have improved immensely over the years, which can in part explain the higher number of columns found today. The good news is they are not disappearing, but growing as well as ever. Link to Marine Geology and the article:
  • Paul Seaman gave a talk about the Ikka project at the Edinburgh Geological Society, Scotland on 15 December 2021 at an event called ‘Fellows Night 2021’. The talk was recorded and can be found on YouTube:
  • A fellow colleague from the EU MinGro Network, Dr. Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland will work with me as a guest editor on a special issue of MDPI Minerals. The title of this special issue is ‘Research on Ikaite – Natural Occurrences and Synthetic Mineral Precipitation’. Juan Diego and I will soon be calling for manuscripts. Deadline will be 31 July 2022. More information here:
Photo:. Lars Haumann. Ikaite column photographed in 1995.