International workshop on fjords incl. Ikka Fjord
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International workshop on fjords incl. Ikka Fjord

Oceanographer Bengt Liljebladh from the University of Gothenburg was invited to the International workshop on fjords with emphasis on biogeochemistry, oceanography and modelling at the Kristineberg Center for Marine Research and Innovation, Fiskebäckskil in Sweden. On behalf of the Ikka project, he presented a lecture on ‘The submarine columns in Ikka Fjord, SW Greenland’. According to Bengt this created a lot of interest and several questions from an engaged audience. We are happy Bengt could advertise the project and tell the fascinating story of Ikka Fjord to a new audience. Photo above (Gabrielle): Bengt Liljebladh and Paul Seaman following the data by the Idronaut probe from one of the profiles made in Ikka Fjord, July 2022.

It should also be mentioned that another Ikka colleague, marine geologist Richard Gyllencreutz from Stockholm University gave a Ikka talk at the 150 years jubilee meeting of the Swedish Geological Society in August 2022. His talk was entitled ‘Sub-bottom profile survey of the Ikka Fjord, South Western Greenland – mapping the “soil” of the ikaite column garden’.

Photo: Gabrielle. Bengt Liljebladh in Ikka Fjord, summer 2022 with the Idronaut probe that made important measurements of the seawater in Ikka Fjord.
Photo: Gabrielle. This required a lot of strength to the arms to lower down and pull up the Idronaut in all the fjord profiles we made.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Richard and Bengt working on the Sub-bottom profiling in Ikka Fjord 2021.
Photo: Gabrielle. The two Swedish Polar researchers, Bengt and Richard 🙂