Jörfi’s 1 year birthday party
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Jörfi’s 1 year birthday party

Our Smooth Collie pup ‘Jörfi’ is already a junior and turning one year today! She had a great birthday party yesterday with dog friends Dino (11 year-old rescue dog from Spain), Milou (14 year-old Dachshund), Polly (8 month-old Labrador pup), Primo (2-3 year-old Västgötaspets), and of course our older Smooth Collie ‘Deli’, 10 years. All dogs came with owners and the weather was finally such that we could sit outside with coffee and Erik’s homemade cinnamon buns. I think the temperature made it all the way up to +8 – 9 C, which felt warm compared to the cold month of March. One the sons of Family Polly came up with a perfect description for our Smooth Collies: ‘Let Me do it for You’. Apparently, this is from a computer game, where you need a long-snouted dog to help you pick up the last of the Pringles without eating it. Deli, yes. She might do it for you. Jörfi, I’m not sure she could resist eat up the Pringles. 🙂

Jörfi is a very happy dog with a positive attitude towards life – despite the fact that she apparently has intestine-stomach problems, perhaps due to food allergy. She has been hospitalised due to severe stomach pain and gone through gastric examination, where the results point to chronic stomach inflammation. We are now trying a special diet on her, which we hope can help her and keep her healthy. In addition to being happy, she is a very clever little lady, obedient and well behaved already (except for chewing on things). She is the first collie we have owned that loves water!

Photo: Gabrielle. Jörfi is very fond of Erik and vice versa, here lying at his feet.
Photo: Helene Olivegren. Our Smooth Collies Deli and Jörfi at the birthday party.