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Link to our company ‘Jarvik GeoConsulting AB’ in Sweden – under construction:

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg, where Erik works as Professor in Applied Geophysics:

Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland, where Gabrielle did her PhD and worked as Assistant Professor for three years:

CarbFix – website for the CO2 storage project Gabrielle worked on for her PhD:

Virtuel Galathea 3 – based on the Ikka Fjord book written by Gabrielle and Uffe Wilken:

Polarfronten – a magazine about polar research. I have written several articles for Polarfronten and member of the editorial board from 2002-2007:

———– 000 O 000 ———–


Siberian Husky kennels who owns dogs from my kennel Jarvik and/or continued my blood lines:


Kennel Frost-N-Fun owned by Lotte and Peter Frost (now run by Michael and Nicole):

Kennel Husky Horizon owned by Claus and Jette Persson:

Kennel Ulvedalen owned by Susan Hansen and Bo Petersen:


Kennel Alka-Shan owned by Anneliese and Manfred Braun-Witschel, whom I’ve known for many years and who provided me with top quality Siberians:


Camp Dannevall owned by Nina and Kjell Dannevall – a high-quality sled dog and wilderness camp:


Smooth Collie kennels.

Kangasvuokon Collies – the Collie kennel in Finland, where Yuki is born:

Kennel Honey Melon – Collie kennel in Finland, where Deli is born: