Marlous 80 years’ birthday
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Marlous 80 years’ birthday

My mother, Marlous turned 80 on February 25, 2023. This was celebrated over two days. On the morning of the 24th, friends from Gundsømagle came over for breakfast and we did a lot of singing for her. Saturday, on the actual day of the birthday, it was family (my brother Paul and wife Helena, cousin Michael and wife Helene) and old-time friends (Dini & Finn, and Bent & Mariolijn) who came over for lunch. Some hadn’t met for almost 20 years. Thus a lot to talk about. Both events turned out really well not least because the new home of my mother is ideal for having up to 12 visitors at a time. Although the old house was bigger, this new house fits her needs much better. Hence, this move to a smaller house with a more sensible size of garden, has probably been the best present for her.

Photo: Helena Heldrup. From left to right: Mariolijn, Finn, Dini, Bent, Marlous, and Gabrielle.
Photo: Gabrielle. Cousin Michael Heldrup, and husband Erik Sturkell.
Photo: Gabrielle. Helena Heldrup, Helene Wolff, and Paul Heldrup.
Photo: Helena Heldrup. Helene, Paul, Mariolijn, Finn, and Dini.
Photo: Dini Wiberg-Jørgensen. Erik, Gabrielle, Marlous, Paul, and Helena. My mother was almost shocked to see how short she had become compared to my brother and I. She used to be 180 cm, but is now down to 175 cm. My brother Paul is 192 cm and I’m 186 cm tall.