New Lockne impact crater publication
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New Lockne impact crater publication

We have a new publication out about the Lockne meteorite crater in Jämtland, Sweden: ‘The Proximal Ejecta Around the Marine-Target Lockne Impact Structure, Sweden’ published in Journal of Geophysical Research – Planets. Erik is the lead author on the publication and has also been the project leader on this comprehensive load of work over more than 10 years. Several field seasons in Jämtland have been required to collect the data, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent help and field expertise of Eric Hegardt and Erik Meland. Erik and his closest colleague, Jens Ormö have been working on the Lockne impact project since the mid 1990’ies, where they both did their PhD work on the Lockne project. You might think here 30 years later that all has been discovered and described about Lockne, but oh no, Lockne keeps surprising and show up with new interesting features and a new field season is planned for autumn 2023. A link to the new article can be found here:

Photo: Erik Sturkell. Eric H. and Erik M. arriving in Jämtland with all the equipment needed for resistivity measurements in the field.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Everything can be fitted on the ATV.
Photo: Gabrielle. Erik and Irene marking out a line with wooden sticks along which the resistivity profiles are going to be made.
Photo: Gabrielle. Our collies always join us on the fieldwork in Jämtland, here Glitnir in 2013.
Photo: Gabrielle. Jens Ormö and Erik still have things to discuss and discover.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Former PhD student, Irene Melero has also been with us in the field several seasons.
Photo: Gabrielle. Lockne field team 2013 from left to right: Jens Ormö, Eric Hegardt, Irene Melero, Erik Meland, and Erik Sturkell – and our two collies at the time, Glitnir and Deli.