New Norse ruin in Ikka Fjord
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New Norse ruin in Ikka Fjord

During the fieldwork in Ikka Fjord, SW Greenland in August 2021, Erik Sturkell and Richard Gyllencreutz did geological mapping on the southern side of the fjord and came across a Norse ruin. This turned out to be a hitherto unknown Norse ruin! It has therefore now been registered by Christian Koch Hansen at the Greenland National Museum & Archives in their database of National Heritage Sites as number NKAH 5696:

It’s very exciting for our IKKA project to be able to contribute with new knowledge about the Norse settlement history of Ikka Fjord. By pure chance and luck, we had maritime archaeologist Florian Huber joining us on the IKKA expedition this summer. He really opened our eyes to the many ruins in Ikka Fjord, not only Norse but also Inuit ruins. Some of them are surprisingly well preserved. Also, Kunuk Albrechtsen from Arsuk could contribute with his extensive knowledge of the area and the myths surrounding the ikaite columns.

Photo: Erik Sturkell. The new Norse ruin was found at the foot of this big boulder. It probably provided some shelter for the wind.
Photo: Florian Huber, SUBMARIS. Norse site M22, a smallish farm on the northern side of Ikka Fjord.
Photo: Florian Huber, SUBMARIS. The walls remaining of a barn on the northern side of Ikka Fjord.
Photo: Florian Huber, SUBMARIS. Same ruin as on photo above.
Photo: Florian Huber, SUBMARIS. Remains of the Norse ruins closest to the Íka hut in Ikka Fjord.
Photo: Florian Huber, SUBMARIS. The story goes according to old Inuit legend that the ikaite columns are the frozen statues of the Norse people living in Ikka Fjord, who drowned after being chased out on the ice by the Inuit.