NORTHQUAKE 2019 workshop
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NORTHQUAKE 2019 workshop

Between the 21st and 24th of May 2019, the NORTHQUAKE 2019 took place in Húsavík. This was the 3rd International Workshop on Earthquakes in North Iceland. About 30-40 participants listened to 30 talks for two days about earthquakes, monitoring, hazard- and response scenarios. On the last day there was a discussion, an open information meeting for the general public, and finally an excursion.

At the workshop, Erik presented the talk “Update on groundwater monitoring at Húsavík and Hafralækur” on behalf of the group consisting of Gabrielle Stockmann, Alasdair Skelton, Erik Sturkell, Ríkey Kjartansdóttir, Heike Siegmund, Hreinn Hjartarson, and Andri Stefánsson. This group has worked on chemical changes in water from two boreholes (mainly Ca, Na, Si, Cl, F, SO4, δ18O, and δ2H) on and near the Húsavík-Flatey Fault (HFF). Some of these changes can be tied to earthquakes, both before and after the earthquakes. The latter shows significant changes but the precursory signals are slightly more difficult to interpret. Observed changes in groundwater chemistry could be triggered by crustal dilation (expansion of rock volume) associated with stress build-up before each earthquake and by mixing of groundwater sources.

Thank you for a well-organized conference that took place at Hotel Foss in Húsavík. The meeting was organized by Sigurjón Jónsson from King Abdullah University and co-workers, who all did a fantastic job!

Attachment: Proceedings from the Northquake workshop

Hotel Foss in Húsavík. Photo: Erik Sturkell