Orust III
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Orust III

Another visit to the sunny island of Orust to visit colleague Bengt Liljebladh and a friend from the University of Connecticut, Annelie Skoog. We were able to sit outside for coffee and went for a long walk afterwards, where we passed several old quarries. These quarries were mainly for Feldspar exploitation, which was used in the Swedish glass industry. Erik and I took a couple of samples for teaching, because many of these Feldspar samples have perfect cleavage and therefore ideal to show students. There were nice examples of Micas, too. The dogs loved Orust as always and managed to do the 2-hour walk without problems although they were very tired afterwards. Always excellent chef, Bengt made a delicious wild boar stew for late lunch after the walk. Thanks for a wonderful day!

Photo: Erik Sturkell. One of the many old quarries on Orust, now filled with water.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. A happy, sporty Bengt guiding us around Orust.
Photo: Gabrielle. A beautiful view from the top of the cliffs on Orust.
Photo: Gabrielle: Erik in the bushes.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. A break with a view with Bengt, Deli, Annelie, Glitnir, and Gabrielle on the picture.