Wedding anniversary in Iceland
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Wedding anniversary in Iceland

What an intensive program we have had in Iceland the past week. Much to attend and much to celebrate! Upon arrival in Iceland Sunday last week, Erik and I could celebrate that it is now 12.5 years since we got married at Sýslumaðurinn in Reykjavík (the District Commissioner). This is called Copper (Cu) wedding and something that is normally celebrated in Denmark. Due to covid, we chose the simple solution and went for a nice dinner at Grillmarkaðurinn in Reykjavík downtown. They made their drink ‘Wild Wild West’ for us although it was no longer on the cocktail menu. Really nice restaurant, good food, and nice staff. Tuesday night was spent at our friends Kristján and Katrín’s place, who were witnesses at our wedding. Wednesday night a dinner at former colleague Nicole Keller’s place together with other former colleagues, Iwona & Martin, and Matýlda & Dave. Thursday night offered a nice dinner at Enikö and Guðmundur’s place, also former colleagues, and finally Friday was Eemu Ranta’s big day of PhD defence – see separate news. While we were on vacation in Iceland, our dogs spent their time at the luxury conditions of ‘Soläng Hundpensionat‘ by Mariam and Bosse. The dogs have been there many times and we can’t ask for better care.

I should also mention our Toyota Land Cruiser in Iceland, which Erik was very happy to drive again. We got the winter tyres on and they were highly needed as a lot of snow had fallen over Reykjavík, and it was almost impossible to drive around in our neighbourhood of Vesturbæ without a 4W-drive on big tyres. In one week, we experienced 2-3 storms, one yellow on the day we arrived, then we went into red alert on Monday, and finally an orange-alert on Friday. Iceland is close to setting a record for number of storms within a winter period. Our friend, Kristín was kind to drive us all the way to the airport on Saturday. We are still in the process of transferring much of my stuff from Iceland to Sweden and therefore brought three heavy suitcases, and I suspect it will take several travels back and forth before we are done.

Photo: Erik Sturkell. Very appropriate to fly with the Icelandair airplane that celebrates 100 years of independence in Iceland.
Photo: Susan Hansen. We received greetings from Susan & Bo in Särna 🙂
Photo: Gabrielle. Erik drinking his Wild Wild West.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Gabrielle enjoying her Wild Wild West.
Photo: Gabrielle. We got another delicious desert at the Grillmarket.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Four strong men engaged in putting our winter tyres on new rims.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. And here is the result, our dusty car on good, solid winter tyres.