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PhD defence

Pictures from my PhD defence on May 16 and the Doctoral Ceremony at the University of Iceland on December 1, 2012 taken by Paul Heldrup, Jesper Heldrup, Susan Pitts, Erik Sturkell, Katrín Davíðsdóttir and Kristín Sigurðurdóttir.

Iceland summer

Weddings of my colleague Rikey in July 2018, and my friend Nicole Keller in July 2017. Besides, there are photos from field activities in Iceland during the summers of 2012-2018.


This photo album covers Adrian’s graduation in June 2018, the Bergman Olsson family meeting in Stockholm 2017, the 80th birthday of Carl Stockmann in June 2016, Margareta Ramstedt’s 90th birthday in May 2016, and Moster Tove Rasmussen’s 90th birthday in spring 2010.

Smooth Collies

The photos are taken by Gabrielle Stockmann, Erik Sturkell, Bo Petersen, Susan Hansen, Sinna Kornum, Kjeld and Charlotte Baagø, Lena Lundqvist, Aila Hartikainen, an unknown photographer from the AAL club in Copenhagen, and photos by Nina Plesner Dannevall.

Camp Dannevall

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