Sled dogs and Särna
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Sled dogs and Särna

This weekend was spent in Särna in beautiful surroundings. Loads of snow have fallen down over Sweden and lots of it in Särna. This makes nature look like a snowy fairytale. I totally love the snow and the cold, and I’m a very big fan of Siberian Husky sled dogs. Thus just the perfect setting to visit Bo and Susan at their home in Särna together with their Siberians. We left Gothenburg in snow on Friday and returned to spring and +10 degrees. What a change in just a few days. Luckily, we had the perfect weather for sled dog driving on Saturday and I was allowed to drive eight of Bo and Susan’s Siberians on a trip with Susan in the basket of a Toboggan sled. It has been some years since I last stood on a sledge, but it was wonderful to be back. I was reminded of how much I love this kind of nature experience. It’s just you and your dogs and utter silence except for the breathing of the dogs. And the dogs love this as much as you do! In addition, it was particular interesting for me to see these dogs in harness because they all descent from Siberians I owned and trained. There were several times when I saw something that reminded me of their ancestors, e.g. when the 12-year old lead dog Galena turned the team 180 degrees on command just like the great-great-grandfather Alka-Shan’s Callico did in the old days. Callico was extremely good at this and so is she – not forgetting the other excellent lead dog on the team, a young female ‘Sif’. The wheel dog ‘Kling’ (closest to the sled) was another déjà-vu dog for me of his ancestor Jarvik’s Triton. Kling is very strong and hard working, and I could feel him pulling the sled through all the curves, which is exactly what you need and want. Even by his black&white looks and brown eyes, he is almost a copy of Triton.

Bo is a true master of cooking and introduced Erik to Danish dishes, he hadn’t tasted before. We hope he liked them. Otherwise, it was just a very relaxing and an enjoyable stay. Lots to talk about for hours and hours 🙂

Photo: Erik Sturkell. Bo turning around the corner with the 8-dog team
Photo: Gabrielle. Danish ‘hygge’ in the new shelter
Photo: Gabrielle. Cosy campfire.
Photo: Gabrielle. The old Särna church.
Photo: Susan Hansen. Walking the dogs on the frozen Särna lake.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Bo, Gabby, Susan and Zirkle in front of the house.
Photo: Gabrielle. Erik at the shelter.
Photo: Susan Hansen. Gabby with the 8-dog team.
Photo: Susan Hansen. Out on the trail.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Gabby and Susan returning with the 8-dog team.
Photo: Susan Hansen. Erik and Gabby in front of the house.
Photo: Susan Hansen. While watching this sled dog movie ‘Togo’, Zirkle and Deli were sharing the bed. Really sweet 🙂