Summer holiday in Denmark
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Summer holiday in Denmark

While Erik was on fieldwork in Iceland, I spent two weeks at my mother’s new home in Gundsømagle, Denmark. It gave me a chance to meet a lot of friends, to socialise the puppy Jörfi, and to do some work with colleagues in Denmark. The weather was sunny and quite warm during the whole period. It was weird to see all grass turned yellow and to see plants and tress dried out. The Gothenburg area has not been affected by this drought to the same degree. And Erik was struggling with rain, snow and strong winds in Iceland at the same time. Quite extreme weather conditions.


While in Denmark, Tivoli happened to have their annual Dog day. Thus together with friend Lisbeth we all went to Copenhagen on a sunny Sunday with Deli and Jörfi. It was a real success and Jörfi did really well. She didn’t freak out over the traffic of Copenhagen and she didn’t freak out over the large number of people in Tivoli. There were plenty of dogs, too. Some she could greet and others were too scary for her. But the good thing was, that we could advertise the Smooth Collie breed. I talked to several people who were curious about the breed and even considering to buy one. To my knowledge, there are no longer any active Smooth Collie breeders in Denmark, but I might be wrong. Jörfi actually has some of the old Danish blood lines in her from Kennel Si-Si and Kennel Poulsgaard.

Photo: Gabrielle. Dog Day in Tivoli with my mother Marlous, Lisbeth and Jörfi and Deli.
Photo: Gabrielle. Lisbeth and my mother in Tivoli.

The dogs felt easily at home at my mother’s new place. Jörfi was a bit curious about the cats, and the cat Felix wasn’t too enthusiastic about being chased by her. She was also enthusiastic about cat food so we had to watch her and block her access to the food. But all in all, it went quite well considering how young she is (less than 5 months).

Photo: Gabrielle. A relaxed Jörfi on vacation in Denmark.
Photo: Gabrielle. Deli also managed to squeeze into the small dog bed.
Photo: Gabrielle. Jörfi on an early morning walk in Gundsømagle.
Photo: Gabrielle. Early morning in Gundsømagle.

Work wise, I managed to meet with Richard Martin to get photo material from Ikka Fjord to our new NAPA project. To visit Susse Wegeberg in her summer house combined with a kick-off meeting for the NAPA project with Lina Rasmusson online from northern Sweden. To go to my old Geological Institute in Copenhagen to do XRD analysis on the tufa columns from Ikka Fjord with help from Maja Bar Rasmussen, a former colleague from Iceland (small world). Finally, I also managed to visit Lene and Jens in Roskilde, and Bo and Susan at Kennel Ulvedalen, have Tina Langstrup over for dinner and see a beautifully renovated Birkholm – my mother’s old house.

Photo: Gabrielle. Susse has a beautiful summer house in the Buresø area where we enjoyed a really nice lunch and had a very good kick-off meeting.
Photo: Gabrielle. Visit at Bo and Susan with their Stabijhoun Halley being a bit sceptical about the colies at first.
Photo: Susan Hansen. But in the end they were playing.
Photo: Gabrielle. Preparing Ikaite column sample for XRD at the University of Copenhagen. Notice all the green cyanobacteria.