Summer in Denmark
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Summer in Denmark

While Erik was touring around Iceland on various fieldwork projects, I spent all July at my mother’s place in Gundsømagle, Roskilde in Denmark. I have been absolutely overworked for a very long period, and the corona stress on top of it didn’t help much. It made my stress level tilt completely. Thus, staying at ‘home’ was the best recreation for me.

At home in Gundsømagle, Denmark. Photo: Gabrielle

Every morning my mother and I met with a group of other retired people like my mother and dog owners for a morning walk through the Gundsø forest. I enjoy these walks very much. Always a pleasure to meet new people and hear about their lives. One of these new friends, Flemming realised by talking to me that I know embarrassing little about Jutland. This is a part of Denmark I have only visited on a few occasions. The reason being that I have mother who is originally from Holland, and a father who has lived all of his adult life in Sweden. This led to all vacations being spent either in the Netherlands or France with my Dutch family or in Sweden with my father and brother. On top of it, none of my Danish ancestors are descended from Jutland. Hence, no relatives to visit there. To make a long story short, Flemming has now created a trip for me through Jutland with all the places that are ‘must sees’. I hope to make that trip during fall if the number of corona infected in Denmark doesn’t increase too much.

Gabrielle on a morning walk in Gundsømagle. Photo: Anna Kathrine Frørup

Flemming and his wife Margit celebrated their 50 years wedding anniversary in July and all the neighbourhood showed up to help celebrate them. Not sure if this is only a Danish tradition, but these anniversaries are always celebrated with family and friends, and musicians to wake them up in the early morning. I really appreciate these old traditions, especially after having lived abroad for so many years. Well done, Flemming and Margit! Flemming claims that Margit has been in charge for the first 50 years, and now he will take over the next 50 years 🙂

Celebrating Margit and Flemming in Gundsømagle. Photo: Gabrielle
The wedding anniversary orchestra. Photo: Gabrielle
My mother and neighbour Dora in the party tent. Photo: Gabrielle

Luckily, there was also time to visit friends or have friends over, all according to corona safety regulations.

Lunch and coffee at Tina Langtrup’s place. Photo: Gabrielle
Susan and Bo from Kennel Ulvedalen stopped by for coffee and Susan got a chance to say hi to the neighbours’ Stabijhoun puppy, Elvis. Photo: Gabrielle