The Greenland Society
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The Greenland Society

Det Grønlandske Selskab, roughly translated into ‘The Greenland Society’, invited me to give a talk about the Ikka columns in Greenland and the mineral changes we have observed to the columns. This came out nicely as we just got our MDPI Minerals article published on the same topic. The good thing about this audience was that everyone except one had been to Greenland, and many had even been to Ikka Fjord and/or the Grønnedal Naval Station. Thus they were very familiar with the area and to some extent the columns and how they looked in the good old ‘healthy’ days. Several in the audience I knew from Greenland or Geology and were people I hadn’t seen in decades. It was therefore a real pleasure to give a talk to this group of enthusiastic and interested friends, former colleagues and ex-husband :). I realised this society arrange a lot of interesting talks and events related to Greenland and the Arctic, and I have now signed up as a member. If others are interested in their activities and wants to become a member, here is a link to their website:

Photo above: Florian Huber, SUBMARIS illustrating very well how different the columns look nowadays. On the picture is the largest column, the Atoll.

Photo: Gabrielle. I received very nice presents after the talk, among others this Arctic ‘snaps’.
Photo: Gabrielle. And these books I & II about H. J. Rink, who wrote down the Inuit legend about the Ikka columns in 1866. Looking very much forward to reading these books!