Tjolöholms slott / castle
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Tjolöholms slott / castle

First visitors to stay the night in our new home in Gothenburg. My mother, Marlous and aunt, Helma Stockmann came to visit me for a couple of days from Denmark and the Netherlands. We spent one day visiting the castle Tjolöholms slott south of Gothenburg. The interesting thing about this castle is that it is built in English-Scottish style as it belonged to the Scottish Dickson family. They were an important trading family in Gothenburg and the name comes across quite often when walking around the city. Some claim the castle is more British than any castle in Great Britain. Definitely worth a visit!

According to Erik’s sister Pip in Melbourne there exists a copy of Tjolöholms castle somewhere in Australia. Someone from the Dickson family, who wanted to feel at home in Australia?

Photo: Gabrielle. Marlous and Helma Stockmann in front of Tjolöholms slott.
Photo: Gabrielle. Tjolöholms slott / castle.
Photo: Gabrielle. These dresses were used in the TV-series about Queen Victoria.
Photo: Gabrielle. My Dutch aunt and mother are somewhat taller than Queen Victoria.
Photo: Gabrielle. Part of the garden, very decorative.
Photo: Gabrielle. Apparently quite windy at times.
Photo: Gabrielle. With a beautiful view from the castle to the sea.
Photo: Gabrielle. End of castle tour.