Vallda Sandö
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Vallda Sandö

This Saturday excursion went to the peninsula ‘Vallda Sandö’ (on the Onsala peninsula). Vallda Sandö is a beautiful nature reserve at the sea and you can go on a nice walk there, either following the hiking trails or doing your own hiking over the cliffs. Our dogs preferred the cliff hikes. Considering their age (11 and 8 years), they are still in extremely good shape and very mobile. No problems whatsoever finding their balance when jumping from rock to rock. The Geology to our understanding just from looking at the rocks, identified it as mainly gneissic rock, both felsic and mafic. Plentiful of folding, especially in the mafic parts. There are also some interesting Bronze Age History to consider in this area. In particular the mounds of stones built as landmarks on the hilltops, standing out in the skyline (see pictures below). Quite a lot of people and a popular place for barbecue in the designated barbecue areas, and definitely a place we recommend for a visit.

Photo: Gabrielle. The Info board about Vallda Sandö
Photo: Erik Sturkell. One the Bronze Age stone mounts.
Photo: Erik Sturkell. Gabrielle and the dogs on Vallda Sandö.
Photo. Gabrielle. Deli enjoying her time on Vallda Sandö.