Viking concert in Denmark
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Viking concert in Denmark

To celebrate that friends Bo and Susan turned 60 two years ago and in August this year, respectively, I invited them to a viking concert in Danish Radio (DR) concert hall outside Copenhagen. It was magical and fantastic concert to put it short. Such power in this music! Norwegian Einar Selvik and Eivør Palsdóttir from the Faroe Islands were the lead singers & musicians. I have been to several Christmas concerts by Eivør in Reykjavík in Iceland, but I have never heard her sing as powerful as she did at this concert. Amazing voice and it’s incredible to hear the different ways she can use it for ‘normal’ singing and throat singing! In between the various musical performances, National Museum director, Rane Willerslev and journalist Maria Månson came on stage to talk about the real vikings – myths and true stories. I have not experienced such a setup at a concert before, but it worked really well. Very informative and fun viking info. Mette Seir, another old friend from the Siberian Husky club joined us at the concert. This was a splendid night in good company at an excellent concert. I don’t know how long the link to DR is active, but here is the official link to the Viking concert:

Photo: Susan Hansen Selfie. Four ‘old’ Siberian Husky sled dog drivers, Bo Petersen, Susan Hansen, Gabrielle Stockmann, and Mette Seir.
Photo: Susan Hansen. The DR Viking concert.
Photo: Susan Hansen. Norwegians, Einar and Eilif Gundersen blowing the ‘bronzelur’ horns.
Photo: Susan Hansen. Really good acoustic in the DR concert hall.