Visit by Paul Seaman
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Visit by Paul Seaman

Our British colleague, Paul Seaman from the Ikka research project stopped by for a visit in Gothenburg after working on a ship outside the coast of Faxe Ladeplads in Denmark. As Paul lives with his family in Scotland, I took him to Tjolöholm castle south of Gothenburg. The castle was built by the Scottish Dickson family in British/Sottish style. There was a Christmas market at Tjolöholm, where we tasted Glögg, reindeer meat, cloudberry jam and different cheeses and sausages. Bengt Liljebladh came over for dinner and helped cooking reindeer meat. We tried the best to give Paul all the Swedish specialities of Christmas. This was also a Ikka project re-union where we could finally share research results from this summer’s fieldwork in Ikka Fjord, Greenland and celebrate the funding that saved the economy of the project. We discussed the possibilities to carry out a winter expedition to Ikka Fjord and future projects taking advantage of ikaite’s ability to precipitate in cold seawater for industrial CO2 sequestration.

Photo: Gabrielle. Tjolöholm Castle in Halland.
Photo: Gabrielle. View from Tjolöholm Castle.
Photo: Gabrielle. Paul Seaman in front of Tjolöholm Castle.